The California Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation (CAL-VAR) Foundation is a California Charitable Corporation and tax exempt 501 (c)(3) Corporation established through and under the direction of the American Legion, Department of California, to fulfill a two part mission.

  1. To make aware to the general public the challenges our veterans face in trying to get the full benefits they have earned, which often includes medical and psychological treatment/therapy and suicide prevention.
  2. To seek and collect tax-deductible donations that will be used exclusively to cover the expenses of the Department of California, American Legion’s Veterans Service Officers’ Program (VSO).

This program can and certainly does take care of an emergency issues, but the key mission of our VSO program as has been demonstrated by our officer's successful track record of helping thousands of veterans with legitimate disability claims with lifetime solutions;and not just an immediate fix for a car payment, some food, and an electric bill, etc. 

Our VSO team is not looking for a quick fix and to just put a band aid on the wound but rather to heal the wound with proper treatment and therapy; setting our veterans in need on a pathway to a successful transition from military life to civilian life.

Surf through the website and become familiar with our program, the good it accomplishes and hear from the veterans it has helped; then consider making a one time contribution or agree to set up with a monthly pledge of a dollar amount you feel comfortable with.  We also have areas of need for volunteers which you can get involved with - we value your help any way you feel comfortable participating.

Thank You.