What is our VSO Program

The Department of California’s VSO Program is a team of highly qualified & accredited Veteran Service Officers (VSO), having gone through intense training and now cover the state of California processing claims for our veterans.  Our VSOs are strong advocates for veterans in helping them acquire the benefits they have earned.  The VSO is also responsible for being proficient in the areas of customer service, technical knowledge of regulation and law as it pertains to VA matters, and proper disposition of claims and appeals. They are empathetic, understanding and helpful to not only to veterans, but also the veteran’s family members.

It is often an uphill climb going through the process of filing the benefit claims and wading through all the red tape required, only to find they are turned down or given an extremely low percentage rating.  Often times, the veteran gets overwhelmed and discouraged and this is where our VSOs step in and become the voice for the veteran in getting the claim processed.

It is very important when seeking a professional VSO that you take several factors into consideration. Always verify that the service officer is accredited by a veterans service organization, such as The American Legion. This is a free service which is supported by the Dept. of CA American Legion and supporting contributors.   You should make an appointment the VSO nearest you (View Here) to explain your case and get a feel for the process and what it will take to get your claim through.  The VSO can be your lifeline to VA benefits, they will save you time in expediting your claim.

It is extremely important with the American Legion Department of California, that all of our accredited VSOs are competent, capable, courteous and professional.  We are proud of our VSOs under the direction of Department Service Officer Sam Flores (DSO), you won’t find a better team.