What is our VA&R

For more than 90 years, the Legion has been the nation’s leading advocate for proper health care and earned benefits for America’s veterans. The Legion was instrumental in creating the Veterans Administration in 1930, and an ardent supporter of its rise to Cabinet status when it became the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in 1989. As the relationship between VA and veterans evolves, the Legion will help VA meet its critical mission.

The rehabilitation program of the department shall be carried on under the supervision of the Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Commission throughout the entire department. The VA&R works closely with the Dept. VSOs to insure our veterans get all the benefits they have earned. There shall be a Department Service Officer who shall be responsible for supervision of the Department’s Service Program. They shall act in advisory capacity to the Commission and shall coordinate the work of the staff in such other cities as may be designated by the Commission. The Department Service Officer or designated members of staff shall be official contacts and representatives of The American Legion, Department of California with the Veterans’ Administration at Regional offices and Veterans Administration Hospitals. The duties of the service officer and staff shall be generally that of prosecuting claims and protecting the rights and privileges of all veterans, their dependents and survivors and to handle such other matters as may properly be considered service work. The Service Officer and staff shall cooperate with County Service Officers, the Los Angeles County Service Department and the State of California Department of Veterans Affairs. It shall be the policy of the Commission to encourage Posts and Districts to select qualified and able members to serve as post and District Service Officers and to provide assistance to help them carry out their duties.