Explanation of the Campaign

The CAL-VAR Foundation under the direction of Chuck Camarato came up with a creative marketing campaign by designing helmets that our American Legion Family can take home and fill with their spare change.  The idea caught on and individuals outside the “Family” wanted to get involved and took began taking helmets home and to their offices and filling them up, bringing them back to a local American Legion Post and take another helmets to fill again.  Then someone got the idea of placing them into small businesses up by the cash registers so customers could see the need and put in change; often times the balance from their tab. Many individuals begin putting in the green stuff which certainly was more than welcomed. 

We are exploring additional ways to get the word out about the services our Veteran Service Officers offer and the advantage our veterans have in working with a VSO over trying to file a disability claim on their own.  It is not easy and if not done properly, will lead to a denial or very low rating which only leads to frustration, anger and depression.  Our goal in helping here is to ultimately eliminate but most certainly lower drastically the suicide rate.  This type of rejection does not help in  attacking those numbers. 

Our veterans have served our country and even fought their wars, they don’t need to come home and fight a war to acquire the benefits they deserve and have earned.  Your support will make a difference in stopping their battle at home and help make their transition from military life to civilian life a smooth and successful trip.