We are looking for volunteers who will commit to establish a route where they contact local businesses that will place a helmet and display by their cash registers or in a place that is easily accessible to their customers.  One would then need to check in on these businesses to pick up the cash collected with the helmets and make sure the displays has the information cards with them.  Ideal businesses to place the helmets would be ones where customers frequent: grocery stores, hardware stores, auto parts stores, dry cleaners, salons, restaurants, bars, various retail stores, and even corporate offices etc.

Even though the helmet banks are designed to collect change, we are finding numerous ones coming back with the green stuff too.  All the way from dollar bills to hundred dollar bills.  In fact one helmet came in with twelve, one hundred dollar bills in it.

We also looking for connections you or people you know have with chain stores who we can approach with a “Change Up Campaign” for their stores.  A program they can offer their customers to round up the tab on their bill to the nearest dollar and after 30 days or so, the total is tallied, and that chain would write us a check the Helmets for Heroes Campaign for that amount.

Currently we have three pop-up tents with banners and flags plus full size helmet banks which can be used at fairs, swap meets, special events, high traffic areas, etc. Contact us if you have access to such events for us to “pitch a tent” and raise the much needed funds.

Then we can definitely use some creative minds to make suggestions, have contacts or offer ways we can expand our campaign outreach to a wider area and population.

Bill Bryant a member of the Sons of the American Legion and a real “go get ‘er”, does an excellent job covering a large area to include El Dorado and Amador Counties and has place the helmets in numerous retail outlets from Hardware Stores to Super Markets which has raised thousands of dollars.  He has now recruited other members to cover towns in their areas, and we can always utilize your service in getting more and more of these helmets places in various businesses.  Check out the Participating Businesses page for a sample of a few of the companies who have joined with us in collecting the “Change that Matters” and is making a difference in many Veteran’s lives.  Whether you manage the helmet placement for a few stores or several stores, it doesn’t matter.  It all adds up and working together, we can give our veterans the support they need in getting the most out of their claims and acquiring the benefits they have earned.

If you would like to get involved, please fill out the form below and we will get back as we would love to work with you and have you as part of our team.  If you wish to place the helmets and be responsible to picking them up and turning in the collected change, then we will equip you to reach out as much as you are willing to commit to.  Your service is coveted as we need to increase our footprint within the state and you will make that happen.  Thank you!